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Translucent ceilings
Creating a diffused and evenly distributed illumination in a room.
Custom lamps
Can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
3D Shape ceilings
Producing an aluminum frames to create a volume to the ceiling.
stars ceilings
Designed to have twinkling stars, adjustable brightness, or even color-changing lights.
Glossy ceilings
Reflective, polished surface of ceiling, creating a smooth and luminous finish.
Stretch mirror
Stretch mirror made from PVC material is much lighter than traditional glass mirrors.
Linear light
The light lines, which are organically integrated into stretch ceilings and walls, provide modern and uniform lighting throughout the space.
satin ceilings
Satin stretch ceiling embodies elegance with its smooth, subtly reflective surface, offering a luxurious and refined finish.
Magnetic track light
You can choose magnetic track lighting that complement the design of your stretch ceilings.
Carved ceilings
Stretch ceilings with decorative cutouts, which can be in the form of individual figures and patterns or spread over the entire area of the canvas.
Acoustic ceiling
Stretch ceiling with sound absorption functionality, featuring micro-perforations or macro-perforation that enhance the acoustic performance of the space by reducing echoes and noise.
Stretch print
High-quality printing on a stretchable membrane, enabling the incorporation of intricate patterns, images, or artwork to transform the ceiling into a personalized and aesthetically unique focal point.
Light box
Light boxes made with stretch print membrane create captivating and vibrant displays, combining the functionality of lighting with personalized and eye-catching graphics.
Double Vision
When unlit, exhibits a pristine white appearance, but when illuminated, it reveals vivid and detailed images on the ceiling.
Fabric ceilings
The fabric stretch ceiling is both eco-friendly and acoustic, employing sustainable materials and serving as a sound-absorbing solution.
ALUMINUM profiles
Length: 3m
Finish color: white / black / alum
Application: ceiling / wall
Stars in the pool
Stars at the bottom of a pool creates a mesmerizing ambiance by featuring tiny lights that mimic a starry night, transforming the pool bottom into a captivating celestial scene.